Zeke Gabrielse

Zeke is an experienced full-stack developer that is currently working at SFOX as a software engineer. You can reach out to him directly via keybase, email or phone with job inquiries for any full-time product-based remote positions or if you just want to talk shop.

At this time Zeke is only interested in remote work--though if you have an offer in mind that you think is too good to pass up, feel free to reach out!


Aside from his open-source projects such as xo, tj, git-hound and swa, you can find Zeke's most recent projects below.


Zeke founded Keygen in October 2016 after having seen first-hand that the current state of software licensing sucks. Instead of being content with the suck, he built a dead-simple software licensing REST API for developers. Keygen is built on top of tech like Go, AWS, Heroku, Rails, PostgreSQL, Sidekiq and Ember.

Theme Juice

Zeke co-founded Theme Juice in November 2015, which he worked on until early 2017 when he decided to focus his time on other projects. Theme Juice is a Mac app that can spin up a local WordPress development environment at the click of a button. The app is built with tech such as Electron, Vagrant and React.


Before teaching himself to code, Zeke started his professional career as a graphic designer. However, once he quickly picked up frontend development--he was hooked. From there he rapidly began to delve deeper and deeper into the field of computer science and grow his skills as a developer.

Nowadays you can find him enjoying the solitude of backend development (with a little frontend sprinkled in here and there), though he is proficient throughout the entire web stack and is highly interested in technologies like React.

SFOX (05/2017 - present)

Zeke redesigned and rebuilt the SFOX trading UI, adding new features, increasing usability, as well as increasing performance and overall aesthetics. Maintained and added new features to multiple frontend and backend apps/microservices written in Go, Node, Ember, React, SQL and more.

Produce Results (11/2013 - 05/2017)

Zeke lead a small development team, handling all-things-web throughout the company. He built and maintained web apps built on Ruby/Rails, PHP, Node, as well as working on countless WordPress and Magento websites.

Before transitioning into development, Zeke had been running his own freelance graphic design business for several years.

  1. https://keybase.io/ezekg
  2. mailto:[email protected]
  3. tel:9407271265
  4. https://github.com/ezekg/xo
  5. https://github.com/ezekg/tj
  6. https://github.com/ezekg/git-hound
  7. https://github.com/ezekg/swa-dashboard
  8. https://keygen.sh
  9. https://hackernoon.com/@ezekgabrielse
  10. https://www.themejuice.it
  11. https://dribbble.com/ezekielg