Importing Local Fonts Like Google Fonts

Do you like the simplicity of Google Fonts, being able to @import ... an entire font family like seconds? Wouldn’t it be nice if you could do that with local fonts? I mean, most of us use Sass, so why hasn’t this been done yet?

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Keeping A Remnant Unto Himself

This is going to be the beginning of a series of posts, my manifesto, of sorts, on my studies of Eschatology and how my understanding of the Cross has impacted not only my views concerning the reign of Christ and of His Kingdom, but also every facet of how I view the redemptive story that is told through the Scriptures. I have come to see that a lot of things taught in the church fall short of what I believe to be the story of Christ redeeming His Israel, whose identity is the People of God; the Bride of the Lamb; and for us, the Church.

I want to argue that the redemption of the Church has been the story of the Scriptures since the beginning. To see this, the Old Testament needs be viewed in the light of the Cross, and not the other way around. The Cross is where we find truth, and thus I believe everything should be approached through it.

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Teaching The World To Swim On The Verge Of A Great Flood

A vast amount of anger surrounds my heart on this topic. I pray that the Holy Spirit works around me as I write this, and as you read this. I want to call attention to anybody who shares the gospel with others; be it a pastor, a mentor, a teacher, a friend, a child, a spouse; all of you. Quit teaching moralism. The gospel you believe is not a lesson on how to swim. Rather, it is the Ark to escape the flood to come.

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Should Designers Code?

I see this question pop up all the time. It seems as if it’s often asked reluctantly, like designers don’t want to hear the real answer to the question. They only want to be reassured that they don’t need to learn front-end development. I know, I’m a designer too. I didn’t always know how to code. Web design is evolving so rapidly that it’s hard to even say a designer can fully design a website without at least doing the basic front-end aspect himself. I know I can’t. I can’t even be in Photoshop for more than an hour before I bring it into the browser. I feel so unproductive, as if my design doesn’t fully come to life until I transfer it into its rightful place: the web.

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Methodologies & Compatibility

Recently, my projects have begun using more and more of a BEM style methodology. Because our team uses Sass, using this methodology in recent projects has been great. It really helps modularize stylesheets, and I’m all for modularization, especially for projects that have frequent changes to the view. Continue reading “Methodologies & Compatibility”

Fixing Fixed Grids

I came into the web game a bit late, so around the time when I stumbled in (and I do mean that), the whole fixed grid craze was already on its way out in favor of a more responsive approach using fluid layouts, which we see a lot of today. But, that isn’t to say fixed width designs are dead; they are still very useful if the design calls for it. So, I wanted to talk about a few issues I ran into when coding sites that used fixed grids with a new Sass grid-system I developed called Flint. Well, actually, just one of the issues, and my solution for that one particular issue. It’s a big issue, and to my knowledge, it was never fully conquered. Continue reading “Fixing Fixed Grids”

The Unintended

Ever since I was a little kid, I’ve been into graphic design; from designing and printing my own custom Dragonball Z cards in my youngest years, getting into the craze that was space art, then to creating t-shirts and flyers for bands in my late teen years. Somehow along the way I started to get clients here and there asking for logos, and then maybe a set of business cards, then full stationary and branding packages, which soon grew into a pretty nice side business of mine for a few years.

I enjoyed working nights on my passion, and then day jobs from Starbucks, all the way to bank teller. Fast forward to last year, I start thinking it would be nice to do design full time, instead of working at night, which was turning into a problem in many areas of my life, as I never stopped working (this is still a problem to this day). So, I begin sending out my resume and my portfolio, which got me a few responses, and a few conversations, one of which was the studio I work at now, Produce Results. Continue reading “The Unintended”