Zeke Gabrielse

Zeke is an experienced full-stack software developer that is currently working at a leading cryptocurrency exchange as a software engineer. You can reach out to him directly via keybase, email or phone with job inquiries for any full-time product-based remote positions or if you just want to talk shop.

At this time Zeke is only interested in remote work--though if you have an offer in mind that you think is too good to pass up, feel free to reach out!


Aside from his open-source projects such as xo, tj, and git-hound, you can find Zeke's most recent projects and bootstrapped ventures below.

Alpaca My Bags

Coming soon.


Zeke founded Keygen in October 2016 after having seen first-hand that the then-current state of software licensing sucks. Instead of being content with the suck, he built a dead-simple software licensing and distribution service for developers. Keygen is built on top of tech like Go, AWS, Heroku, Rails, PostgreSQL, Sidekiq, and Ember.

Theme Juice

Zeke co-founded Theme Juice in November 2015, which he worked on until early 2017 when he decided to focus his time on other projects. Theme Juice is a Mac app that can spin up a local WordPress development environment at the click of a button. The app is built with tech such as Electron, Vagrant, and React.

  1. https://keybase.io/ezekg
  2. mailto:[email protected]
  3. tel:9407271265
  4. https://github.com/ezekg/xo
  5. https://github.com/ezekg/tj
  6. https://github.com/ezekg/git-hound
  7. https://keygen.sh
  8. https://hackernoon.com/@ezekgabrielse
  9. https://www.themejuice.it